Small Kitchen Remodel Cost Tampa FL

Budgeting your total kitchen remodel cost Tampa FL in advance will make the process smoother and more enjoyable. While its easy for expenses to exceed the six-figure mark with larger and more elaborate spaces, most people simply need to enhance a smaller footprint, and make their kitchens more functional or aesthetically pleasing; perhaps more personalized. This makes the process remarkably different, and also changes the budget considerably.

Small Kitchen Remodel Cost Tampa FL: Plan for Around $10,000

A traditional renovation project, without doing intensive things like moving walls or purchasing luxury upgrades, tends to run about $10,000. Naturally, there are various price points both above and below, depending on what you hope to achieve. However, at this rate, you can generally anticipate having room to update your cabinets (new or reface), as well as replace your countertops, sink, faucet, light fixtures, flooring, paint, and appliances.

Know the Expense of Your Big-Ticket Items

Generally speaking, the most expensive aspect of a small kitchen remodel cost Tampa FL is the cabinets and hardware. Most people spend about 30% of their total budget on this aspect alone, which makes it a good guideline to help estimate how much money youll need to set aside.

Identify Ways to Save for Tighter Budgets

If you need updates made on a tighter budget, there are lots of affordable ways to restore life to your space.

Reface cabinets; dont replace them. If your cabinets are in good condition, but suffer from cosmetic blemishes or just look old, refacing can give them a fresh look without the price tag of new ones. With refacing, you can change out the fronts or have your cabinets repainted/ refinished for a fraction of the cost of replacements.

Choose look-alike products. Got a taste for wine on a beer budget? Laminate countertops come in a wide variety of high-end finishes, so you can get the look of granite or marble without the expense.

Focus on small details, like paint. Even something as minor as a fresh coat of paint can transform a space. Talk to your contractor about your budget and find out what changes he recommends.

Ask your contractor if he gets bulk discounts on appliances. Oftentimes, builders, contractors, and other tradesmen receive discounts from suppliers because they buy things so often. Talk to your team and see if they get any discounts before you start browsing through catalogues or purchase any appliances on your own.

Get Your Small Kitchen Remodel Cost Tampa FL Estimate Today

There are options to suit most any budget, from the most elaborate custom spaces through basic updates to liven up a room.  The best way to know what your overall expenses will be is to have an experienced contractor visit your home to take measurements and discuss your needs. To get started planning your project, contact us now at (813) 534-6090 and well put you in touch with the right professional for your needs.

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