Modern kitchen cabinets are a highly requested item for anyone performing kitchen renovations. If you are looking for a less traditional, sleeker type of kitchen cabinetry, then you might seek out modern kitchen cabinets to help complete your remodel.

Why Modern Kitchen Cabinets?

When talking about “modern” kitchen design, most people are actually picturing a type of kitchen cabinet that came out after World War I. These cabinets feature flat surfaces, minimal ornamentation, and geometric forms. Most often, we categorize them as “sleek” or angular. They are quite popular because they match in with many other accessories and tools that we use in the kitchen. Furthermore, they tend to be easier to clean and take care of than other cabinets.

Recently, modern cabinets have started to utilize angles and curves in their designs as well. These designs translate easily to modern kitchens and can work with islands as well, something that is becoming increasingly requested. When looking to match your kitchen cabinetry to your island, you want to start at the island.

Modern cabinetry is so appealing to many people because it can be customized to your liking. Whether you want special storage or just a front to hide some of the tools you have, it is all there.

Modern Kitchen Cabinetry Materials

Modern cabinets are known for their use of innovative and effective materials that are sometimes man-made because they tend to be stronger and last longer. Some of the most common actions include metal, plastic, concrete and glass. However, if you aren’t interested in replacing your kitchen cabinets but you still want something more modern, you can take away the thick, wooden fronts and replace them with glass for a more modern look that is cost effective. Modern cabinets can have plastic laminate or wood veneer as well, to achieve that characteristic modern look. Mixed materials are common, and they can also get you a high end look for half of the cost. Talk to the designing team that you work with on your project, and they may have some great ideas to take what you already have and what you can get out of it. They might have some ways to get you new, modern cabinets if you are willing to compromise or don’t have a specific image in mind.

One of the biggest trends in modern kitchen cabinetry is to take what is normal and make it fit into your own personal style. Modern cabinetry comes in so many different types and styles that you will be able to choose your own, even if you go with the lower-cost models. If you decide to use custom cabinetry, you’ll get your own unique look even more.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets and Color

Color is one of the easiest ways to separate modern kitchen cabinets from older ones. Currently, the trends point toward natural looking woods and neutral colors. Some people like having a “pop” of color somewhere in their kitchens, but usually the cabinetry is not where they go.

Shapes in Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Even more important than color, the shape of your cabinets is important. You can even find older cabinets that have nothing else in common with modern ones, but if they have the right shape, they look modern.

Look for flat surfaces with few engravings or curves. Instead, go with the less is more mentality for everything in your kitchen, including cabinetry, flooring, ceilings, and everything that goes along with them. Avoid using crown molding, raised panels, or anything overly decorative.

Want Modern Cabinetry?

In general, the simplicity of modern kitchen cabinets makes people believe that they can install them by themselves in a few days. However, the airy and spacious feeling you get is the result of some highly advanced cabinets that need to be installed by a professional team. Even better, you should work with a team of people who can design for the modern kitchen – not all cabinets will look great in all kitchens.

If you want to, you can build your entire kitchen around the cabinetry that you love. The best teams will enable them to dictate the design, but still be able to work within your budget. If you are looking for a company that can make your modern kitchen dreams come true, give Kitchen Remodeling Tampa FL a call today at (813) 534-6090.