Small Kitchen Remodel Tampa FL

Considering a small kitchen remodel Tampa FL? Now is a great time to do it and begin truly loving your space. Small kitchen renovations can be a little tricky because every square inch of space matters, and its important to maximize the room that you do have. However, there are many new innovative products on the market and unique designs that can be applied that will enable you to have space thats as functional as it is stylish.

Considerations for a Small Kitchen Remodel Tampa FL

Vertical Space: Whenever possible, your designer or contractor will want to take advantage of vertical space. An extra shelf at the top or a floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet is ideal for extra storage space, but you can also look into things like hanging racks for wine glasses or pans. Talk to your designer about your lifestyle, so the right touches can be incorporated.

Dual-Purpose Workstations: Depending on the footprint of your space, your small kitchen renovations can include handy features, such as a sink that closes to make room for a cutting board or a fold-away desk area if you need room for handling bills and paperwork.

Micro Appliances: When space is at a premium and the room is only used by one or two people, scaled-down appliances can be a huge benefit.

Creating Openness: Oftentimes, smaller spaces get enclosed to incorporate the kitchen triangle. This is a space made up that connects the sink, refrigerator, and stove. While its true that making a nice flow from these areas is important for ease of use in the room, the right design can make it happen without having a traditional U, C, Or G-shaped floorplan. Whenever possible, a small kitchen remodel should allow the room to flow into the next, particularly if the adjoining space is a dining room or a breakfast nook.

Finishing Touches for Your Small Kitchen Remodel Tampa FL Make All the Difference

Lighting: Opt for smaller lights, as larger ones can dwarf the space, but do include whatever fixtures are necessary to illuminate the space well. This will make it appear larger. If you are doing major small kitchen renovations, consider adding a skylight as well.

Glass: Using glass facings on cabinets can make the space feel more open. If youre not keen on having all your upper cabinets done up in glass, even selecting just a few can add visual interest and reduce the cave-like feel.

Colors: Dark colors can make tiny spaces feel like a cave. Be mindful of this as you select your cabinets, flooring, paint, and appliances. If youre a fan of darker hues, try using them only as accents or as undertones in your countertops.

Get Help with Your Small Kitchen Remodel Tampa FL Today

Small kitchen renovations can be a real challenge, but with the right experts on your side and walking you through the process, you can have a space that youre proud of and that you genuinely enjoy using. Get in touch with us by calling (813) 534-6090 and well make sure youre connected with the right professionals for your needs.

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by Emily Chaires on Kitchen Remodeling Tampa FL
Truly The Best!

Working with them has been smooth sailing since day one. They are very friendly, resourceful and hard working. They also gave us competitive rates. I would recommend them any day!

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Fair Price and Competent!

I appreciate how agile and professional they were to my needs and they even gave us fair pricing. Giving them a 5-star rate and highly recommend!

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Excellent Work!

Honest and Professional. Very friendly and had excellent customer service. Thank you, I'm satisfied with the result!

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These guys were extremely fast! The service was great and they answered my calls right away. A huge thanks to them!

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Good Service and Professional!

They did the job very quickly and effectively. I would not hesitate to call them again in the future!

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